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Great Harvest Value

The best way to appreciate the amazing value of Great Harvest Bread is to do a little comparison with the competition.


Breadcare Instructions

Want to know the best way to store, reheat, and slice your Great Harvest Bread? Learn all you need to know here so you can enjoy our bread to its fullest!


Nutrition Information

You'll love how our bread makes you feel. Bread shouldn't be boring, dry, or full of air. Real bread is rich, moist, hearty and life-enhancing. Read nutritional labels here.


Our Ingredients

The world’s best whole wheat bread starts with the world’s best wheat, grown on the high plains of north-central Montana.


Bread Care

Cool it & Bag it!
Hot bread must cool completely before you bag it, or it will become soggy. Be sure bread is cool to your wrist before placing it in the bag (usually within two hours after purchasing). Place the bread in the plastic bag and press out any extra air. Twist the top of the bag tightly and secure with a twisty tie. A loose tie allows air to sneak in and dry out your bread. Leave the bag on your kitchen counter out of the sun (& never put bread in the fridge).

Warm it!
To reheat, wrap your bread in foil and place it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350°. You
can also toast it but never put it in the microwave - it will get hard and gummy.
Store it!
Never put any bread in the fridge! The sweetener crystallizes and dries out the bread. The best thing about Great Harvest bread is that, unlike other breads, it will stay fresh at least 7-10 days when properly stored - on your counter, not in the fridge!

Freeze it!

Our bread freezes great. Double bagging helps to prevent freezer burn. It’s best if
you wait 24 hours after baking before you freeze bread. Be sure to thaw the bread in its bag.

Slice it!
A round loaf bakes better, so it tastes better and stays fresher longer. It’s easy to slice using our ‘patented’ method: to get the highest yield from each loaf take a good serrated knife, and gently ‘saw’ the bread in a herringbone pattern. Slice it thick or thin, depending upon your mood.
Give it!
Brighten someone’s day with the hearty taste of Great Harvest breads. Bread makes a wonderful gift – one size fits all. Or help us to spread the joy of bread by giving a ‘Free Honey Whole Wheat Loaf Friends Coupon’ to someone near and dear to your heart.

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